Vehicle Control

Protect and locate your vehicles (cars, buses, trucks), and your boat or your valuable motor bike. Greenwich shows you where your assets are in real time and where they’ve previously been. Our smartphone apps display their location (as well as battery status, alarms, etc.) at the click of a button.

Several features make the Greenwich unique: battery backup, alarm function when an asset is moved, velocity indication, and programmable digital inputs and outputs.


If Greenwich moves into an area of no GSM coverage, don’t worry: we store as much data as possible on the device, and deliver it as soon as the device regains coverage so that you’ll have access to a complete history of location data.

Do you expect your boat to be in the harbor or your vehicle to be in its parking lot? Get an alert as soon as it’s moved. Geo-fencing enables you to be warned as soon as your asset enters or leaves a particular area, and you can define as many areas as you need and be alerted on your smartphone or by e-mail.

Greenwich OwnTracks in detail

Greenwich enables motion-based, scheduled, or alarm-based asset- monitoring, where an asset is a vehicle such as your car, your fleet of buses or trucks, your valuable motorbike, or your boat.


Greenwich is intelligent: it reports movement when there is movement and is silent otherwise to save on data costs. Greenwich reports location (latitude, longitude), velocity, course over ground, altitude, and battery status, as well as the state of two digital inputs if you want to use those on your asset (e.g. to determine the state of an additional appliance).

Greenwich contains an integrated GPS receiver and a GSM modem on a single board. The intelligent, on-board software optimizes power-management by going into a “sleep mode” when ignition is switched off. Even whilst in sleep mode, the device reports periodically (e.g. every 6 hours) to tell you it’s still there.

Your data is transmitted either to your own infrastructure or you can chose to use our secure hosted service. Data transmission is via an M2M protocol called MQTT: it is flexible, has a very small overhead, and it’s very well suited to mobile devices, which the Greenwich is. MQTT also allows you to “talk” to your Greenwich: you can give it commands such as forcing an Over The Air upgrade, or ask it to change a particular setting.

All aspects of Greenwich are configurable. While we provide an out- of-the box and ready-to-run experience, you can tailor Greenwich settings to your heart’s content. For example, you may wish to have more frequent location reporting over short distances: go ahead and change the settings via SMS or via MQTT (and even over a serial console, if you want to).

Greenwich needs a standard Mini SIM for data communications, but we’ll provide you with one if you want it.

help you to set up the required infrastructure.

Greenwich needs 12V – 32V and can be permanently installed or temporarily placed in a vehicle. In the former case, connection to the asset’s ignition allows the device to sleep when switched off

Do it yourself?

You decide whether you want to operate your Greenwich OwnTracks devices hosted by us, or whether you want to provide a UNIX/Linux server to run the required MQTT broker and database server. In the latter case, we provide you with utilities for keeping historic data in your database, and we can, of course.


Greenwich is a Java-programmable asset-tracking unit which integrates GSM/GPRS and a state-of-the-art GPS receiver with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery which gives the device autonomy for standalone applications or anti-theft purposes.

The OwnTracks Edition uses MQTT, a standardized, open protocol, to transmit location information over a secured (TLS/ SSL) connection with authentication in order to ensure your data remains private.