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OwnTracks tracks and shares your positions

We are providing affordable tracking of vehicles, valuable belongings, and mobile devices with a focus on automation and you owning your own data.

We offer tried devices and Open Source software: if you care to do so, you can do it all on your own, with or without our devices.

OwnTracks likes open standards: MQTT, JSON, CSV, ... There are innumerable people who use our apps and our devices in combination to provide route tracks to family members, alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves geo-fences, and automation of all kinds.

We have anonymous maps (such as the one pictured here); you give clients/friends/family members a URL which comes alive at a date/time you specify and stops tracking at a time you specify. The historical track can be viewed forever and a day without revealing your actual current location.

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OwnTracks Features

For all use cases and environments


Where did I park my car?


Where are my buses?


Which area did my machines work on today?

Queclink Devices

Reliable devices which suit your needs

Datamobile SIM Cards

Affordable connectivity worldwide


Best visualisation


Get your trips report


Full data privacy


Store itineraries of all your devices

OwnTracks Devices

What do you need?

You need a tracking device. Most of our customers have one in their car, one for each of the members of a family, and possibly one for the each of the elders in the family. The devices can be any of those pictured here, and you need a SIM card with a data plan for each. Our devices come pre-installed with a SIM card and a data plan which includes fully-transparent, world-wide roaming so you don't have to think about it. You also need a power source. For vehicles we recommend a permanent installation which is done by your workshop in a few minutes.

How OwnTracks works

Hardware? Software?

We've said you need one or more tracking devices, and we provide the software. The trackers are connected to your infrastructure, or to ours if you want us to manage and monitor the components. All the software we use is Open Source, so you can do all this yourself if you have a lot of time and quite a bit of expertise.

That last bit, the expertise is why you want us to manage trackers and software for you. The data the devices collect for you is yours, and you decide what you do with it and in which format you want it. We provides standard data formats and we provide standard interfaces, e.g. JSON and MQTT.

We set up and configure everything; you simply plug it in and enjoy the data the devices provide. You can visualize trips and routes, you can see where a particular device was at any given time. You can configure regions on which a device will alarm you if it enters or leaves a region, and you can have as many of those as you want.

You see maps and your routes on the maps. And there's one kind of map we produce which is quite unique: you define starting timestamp and end timestamp and we produce an anonymous map (we call this an rmap), a link to which you can give friends, family or clients to show them where you are or have been during a particular time frame. After end time ends, the map continues to exist, but it no longer shows your current position -- simply the older track where you were at the time.

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